Cloud IPAM Automation

The cloud is transforming the way organizations offer and support computing and communications services to their users and constituents. Cloud computing enables IT or service provider operations teams to provide network, computing and services capacity with flexibility, efficiency and elasticity. These benefits are realized primarily through the cloud’s characteristic use of virtualization technologies, which enable them to rapidly instantiate additional capacity for a required service element within minutes. This elasticity affords organizations agility and cost efficiencies in offering network, computing and services resources dynamically sized to dynamic capacity needs over time.

Core network services supply a critical role in the cloud provisioning process. These services automate the assignment of IP addresses to VMs and VNFs and also update DNS for simpler name based location of cloud resources. Without proper management of cloud core network services, you may face an inability to provision VMs when needed due to the lack of available IP addresses just when you need them. In addition, even if an IP address is assigned, improper management may lead to unreachability via the IP address if a duplicate or via name if DNS is not updated correctly. Finally mismanaged IP address space can lead to a capacity reduction and suboptimal address utilization.

Avoid these pitfalls and utilize a disciplined full-cycle IPAM system like IPControl with cloud automation features via the Sapphire Cloud Automation Appliance (CAA). The Sapphire CAA with IPControl facilitates secure automation of provisioning, providing and supporting those benefits of the cloud with agility, elasticity and lower costs. And Sapphire virtual appliances support IPAM, DNS, and CAA virtualized network functions within a variety of cloud platforms including VMware, OracleVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud IPAM Resources

White Paper

  • Automating Cloud IP Address Management

    This white paper discusses the foundational elements required for every cloud infrastructure, namely the management of IP addresses and domain name system (DNS) elements in a dynamic cloud environment. These core network services facilitate the initialization of critical network layer configuration which when automated, are indispensable to achieving rapid, scalable elasticity.


  • Diamond IP Cloud DDI

    Learn about our cloud DDI automation solutions to streamline your public and private cloud deployments.

  • Diamond IP Cloud Automation

    Our cloud automation appliance (CAA) enables you to seamlessly incorporate IP and DNS assignment functions into your cloud provisioning workflows.

  • Virtual Sapphire Appliances

    We offer a variety of cloud appliance types that operate across a variety of public and private cloud platforms.

BT Cloud Solutions

  • BT Global Services

    Our partner, BT offers additional cloud offerings to assist with your digital transformation.


  • Taming Multi-Cloud Chaos

    Whether you leverage private and/or public cloud services to provide persistent services diversity or whether you cloud-burst to elastically expand capacity, you'll need to track your IP address resources to assure networking integrity - especially in light of your need to manage all of your IP address resources consistently across you public, private and hybrid cloud and non-cloud domains. This webinar discusses these issues and a solution from BT to streamline your hybrid multi-cloud operations.

  • Accelerate Cloud Automation

    Tracking IP address space across multiple domains including enterprise, private cloud and public cloud can present several challenges for IT and operations organizations. In addition, with every virtualized function requiring an IP address upon instantiation, automating address assignment becomes paramount to maximizing cloud benefits. This webinar discusses the critical role of tracking IP address space and how automation can improve cloud operational efficiencies.

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