IP Address Management

Tracking IP address assignments and DNS names for thousands of devices in a spreadsheet is inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone. And you still have to manually configure your DNS and DHCP servers, validate IP assignments through discovery, and manage change windows. Reporting, auditing, and multi-administrator access control requirements impose additional challenges. Take control of your DHCP, DNS, and IPAM (DDI) management with flexible, reliable and modular Diamond IP software and appliances.

Diamond IP supports centralized management of multi-vendor DHCP and DNS server implementations, including Microsoft, stock ISC/BIND, and Cisco CNR, amongst others, so you can support a diverse DDI deployment through a single centralized web interface. IP utilization reports and alerts enable you to proactively manage IP address capacity and single-click allocations simplify subnet, pool and IP address assignment tasks. Granular administrator controls enable you to delegate DDI tasks to empower site administrators whilst retaining centralized control. Reporting, auditing, REST APIs, and task scheduling enable you to integrate DDI functions across your entire network and cloud deployment.

IPAM Resources

White Papers

  • IPAM Best Practices

    This comprehensive guide defines best practices for managing IPv4 and IPv6 address space and corresponding DNS and DHCP services.

  • Multi-Master DNS

    This white paper describes our multi-master DNS support to maximize availability of your DNS resources.

  • Applying ITIL Best Practice Principles to IPAM

    This white paper explains how each of the main ITIL functional areas can be applied specifically to IP address management (IPAM), and the benefits that can be accrued from applying this management framework.

  • DNS Anycast for High Availability and Performance

    This white paper describes how DNS servers can be deployed in anycast configurations to achieve a number of benefits, including higher availability and resilience.


  • IPAM for Multi-Cloud Deployments

    Beyond utilizing virtualization technologies within the enterprise, many organizations have leveraged public cloud services such as AWS and Azure for a variety of reasons including reducing costs, decreasing time to market, increasing agility, or simplifying in-house IT infrastructure. But while diverse networking and compute environments offer benefits, management of such resources across such environments can be challenging, particularly for managing IP address space and DNS. This webinar recording highlights these core issues and discusses mechanisms to centrally manage IP space and DNS across diverse networks.

  • SD-IPAM for SD-WAN

    A high level overview of SD-WAN and the criticality of DNS particularly for Internet Breakout deployments, in terms of optimizing application performance and enhancing network security protections, specifically DNS security protections, in the light of additional Internet interfaces to your enterprise network.


  • Diamond IP brochure

    A composite summary of core Diamond IP products and services, describing the many options that enable you to simply and securely manage your IP address space and respective DHCP and DNS services.

  • IPControl IP block management

    Very few self-proclaimed IPAM systems actually perform automated IP block management with the scale and elegant simplicity of Cygna's IPControl products.

  • Sapphire appliances

    Diamond IP offers several models and types of hardware appliances, summarized in this datasheet.

  • Sapphire virtual appliances

    Learn about the broad range of models, sizes and virtualization platforms for which Diamond IP offers virtual appliances enabling you to virtualize your IPAM, automation DHCP, and DNS network functions.

IPAM books by Cygna Labs authors

  • Introduction to IP Address Management

    This book provides a concise introduction to the three core IPAM networking technologies—IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Domain Name System (DNS)—as well as IPAM practice and techniques needed to manage them cohesively.

  • IP Address Management Principles and Practice

    As a natural follow-up to the author's previous book, Introduction to IP Address Management, this resource uniquely unifies all three foundational IP address management technologies, fully addressing their interrelationships and their cohesive management. It also describes the relevant protocols, configuration examples for the market-leading reference implementations from the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), and techniques that can be employed to structure, monitor, secure, and manage them.

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