IPv6 Address Management

Diamond IP has supported IPv6 address planning in its IPAM products since 2003. Our solutions enable you to track and manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address space together using our logical container feature. This allows you to easily associate dual stack subnets and drill down to dual stack devices. We support automated IPv6 block and subnet allocation with the click of a button, affording you the simplicity of allocating your IPv6 address space using best-fit, random, sparse, and/or random allocation methods. Individual address assignments can be defined using address templates and directly through our web user interface to add IPv6 addresses as the "next" in the subnet, mapped to the MAC address, or random. We also support DHCPv6 to allow allocation of IPv6 addresses and prefixes. DNS of course also supports IPv6 and we help you automate creation of ipv6.arpa domains based on subnet allocations as well as device AAAA and PTR resource records.

IPv6 Resources

White Paper

  • IPv6 Addressing and Management Challenges

    This white paper offers a tutorial about IPv6. It describes the key benefits of IPv6, IPv6 addressing notation and allocation, and a description of DNS and DHCPv6. With this technology background, the paper goes on to discuss challenges related to successfull managing IPv6 address space.

Free IPv6 Tools

  • IPv6 Needs Assessment

    Categorize the relative importance of key IPv6 drivers to receive a qualitative assessment of how IPv6 deployment could impact you.

  • IPv6 ROI Calculator

    Quantify your return on investment in deploying IPv6 with a simple yet highly tunable ROI calculator. Results are presented in tabular and graphical form and parameters can be tweaked for simply what-if analysis.

  • IPv6 Subnet Calculator

    New to IPv6 addressing? Use this simple subnet calculator to learn about subnetting IPv6 hexadecimal addresses and to explore the sheer vastness of IPv6 address space.

  • IPv6 Block Allocation Planner

    IPv6 presents the opportunity to allocate address space logically and within a multi-layer hierarchy. Our IPv6 allocation planner tool enables you to experiment with developing a multi-layer IPv6 address plan.


  • IPv6 Return on Investment

    IPv6 deployments continue at a steady pace around the world, as evidenced by several metrics available on the web. Deploying IPv6 may seem complex and costly. Watch this webinar to learn about how IPv6 deployment can benefit your business as we walk through our free IPv6 Return on Investment (ROI) Tool.

  • IPv6 Address Block Management Part 1

    This video describes IP address block management, in particular for IPv6. Learn about the fundamentals of IPv6 addressing, block management and how your IP address plan can simplify ongoing operations and network security management.

  • IPv6 Address Block Management Part 2

    This video is a continuation of the IPv6 Address Block Management Part 1 video. It discusses the mechanics with examples of IPv6 address allocation strategies

IPv6 Book by Cygna Labs authors

  • IPv6 Deployment and Management

    This book describes IPv6 technology and its repercussions on organizations, including strategies and techniques for assessing the impact of deploying IPv6 on a network, discovering current IP assets, assessing network readiness, creating a plan to deploy IPv6 while retaining IPv4 connectivity, and for managing a dual protocol IPv4-IPv6 network.ed for IPv6 to support IoT particularly in constrained networking environments.

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