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DDI technologies are foundational to your IP network; without DDI, your network is unusable. However, DDI technologies are very complex and can be burdensome to maintain and manage. Diamond IP from Cygna Labs is the only major IPAM industry supplier that offers the most flexible and scalable solutions for todays complex IP networks. Our solutions help you reduce costs, enhance productivity and gain efficiencies while improving the management and security of multiple IP infrastructure devices and services. Our products adhere to open standards, providing maximum interoperability with your existing network.

Product Support Services

Diamond IP offers three tiers of support for customers who purchase our products. Each tier includes phone and email support during subscribed time frames, problem resolution, operational assistance, customer newsletters, product upgrades and an invitation to our annual user conference.

Implementation Services

IPAM is complex technology and one of the key benefits of employing an IPAM system is simplification and automation of IPAM tasks. Our implementation services can help you start off on the right foot with a solid base reflecting your current network and desired data organization.

Training Services

Diamond IP offers a variety of training services for customers, including web-based and classroom training sessions offered around the world, on customer site training and customized training upon request. We also freely offer a variety of educational material through our periodic webinars and website resources available on this site.

Fully Managed IPAM Services

The Diamond IP IPAM Managed Service provides servicing of IPAM functions and administration to ease the burden on your IT organization. Our managed service approach enables you to retain focus on network initiatives while relying upon the skills and expertise of Cygna Labs - Diamond IP managed services team to support your foundational DDI functions. Our managed IPAM services encompasses moves, adds, and changes of IP addresses, subnets, domains and address pools, and incorporates the SIM service which provides for the monitoring and administration of your underlying Sapphire DHCP/DNS infrastructure.

Sapphire Infrastructure Managed Service

The Sapphire Infrastructure Management (SIM) services component provides management of deployed IPAM/DHCP/DNS infrastructure, namely Cygna’s Sapphire appliances. This includes the tasks of the monitoring, troubleshooting, resolution, and patching or upgrading your deployed Sapphire appliances. The incremental IPAM application layer service builds on and incorporates the underlying SIM service features to provide the full IPAM managed service for managing IP address, subnet, DHCP and DNS configuration moves/adds/changes (M/A/C). The Diamond IP managed IPAM services are ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified. These certifications acclaim Diamond IP as a model managed services organization and lends credible independent validation on the quality, security and management practices of the Diamond IP managed services.

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